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I design packaging and websites -
my goal is to intrigue then entice
someone to go further...
Lotte Bowie

Client Comments

  • "Working with Loblolly Multi-media Productions (Lotte) has been an outstanding experience. From designing a logo to creating a webpage and an online store. During Covid our business was super busy and I had to get Lotte involved and she responded quickly and helped us out in a difficult time. I want to thank her for her ability and skills to get us taken care of quickly." view our website

  • "Lotte's expertise has been invaluable in establishing our name in the marketplace. She has a real talent when it comes to encouraging your photogenic side even if you doubted you had such a side. She makes the entire experience exciting and inspires a heightened sense of self-worth which you can easily carry anywhere. If you need to establish your business or take your career to new heights, you can depend on Lotte to show off your good side." view our website

  • "Loblolly did excellent work In incorporating our ‘truly local’ brand into our website and our other marketing materials. They were creative, collaborative and caring in their approach. Loblolly continues to keep our website fresh with new photos and suggestions. They are a pleasure to work with." view our website

  • "I’ve viewed our new website from computer, iPad & phone. You’ve outdone yourself, Lotte! The site is smooth on all platforms & just stunning. The animation of our butterfly logo which Cristian your web developer crafted really captures our brand.
    I think you’ve nailed our professional approach with the feel of who we are as people. Love, love, love it." view our website

Case Study

Your brand story always has to come first. I have worked with the Crows over many years to perfect their brand story through farm diversification to successful Crow Vineyard & Winery. There have been many applications for my design expertise ….largescale retail signage, online product catalog, photography, video, etc.. With all of my work we keep the brand first.

Loblolly Productions Winery Design

Loblolly Productions

Marketing Design

We’ll give you something to stand for. You’ll look unique and project a clear message going into market. Your logo, byline, marketing collateral, signage will be well designed for optimal print production large and small and will work for web compression.

Loblolly Productions

Selling Product Online

In this era you’ve got to make your customer comfortable about the security of your product. We set up online catalogs and stores integrating secure online payment for your products, events and tours. We work hard at this using and E commerce plan that suit your needs.

Loblolly Productions

Tech Issue Resolutions

We are not just about a pretty design. We know the innards of digital print production and dies and are knowledgeable about the computer science and code driving your site on the backend. We troubleshoot all sorts of issues, email delivery, firewalls, website intrusions etc.

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We'd be honored if you want to get articles from us concerning what we've learned about brand design in the online world and the packaging world.


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