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Practical Color Handling Label Paper

Windmill Creek Vineyard Packaging Design

Most people might look at this label and say “the black label looks very striking…” and then ask their printer to send black label substrate samples. While the printer may have some cool black substrates to share with you for your packaging labels you may want to consider this option for creating beautiful labels but ones that cost less and give you more design and product differentiation options.

Consider creating your background in the design file not with a paper type.

Case in point is the packaging I created for Windmill Creek Vineyard and Winery.

Instead of using a black paper for the background design I chose to fill with cmyk black color. This meant that the client would only need to buy one paper stock saving money, and if needed for product line differentiation they could use different background fills for a different look while keeping the overall branding.

| Studio Phone 12 pm - 2 pm 410.348.2120