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It’s just not enough to define your brand opportunity, describe your marketing advantage, list product benefits or blog away at your company news. Sometimes clients think I am a bit out there but I want to give them a mystique, a note sauvage and a story.

At the same time it all has to work  – whether foolproofing the technical backbone of a website, setting up successful payment integrations for Ecommerce or in packaging design making sure you are crafting a physical set up that produces well with the bottle manufacturer and label printer.

My own story starts with my mother (right) who dared to be different than the other Moms in the 50’s. She started me on private art lessons when I was 7 years of age. The technical precision gene comes from my Dad, a successful corporate tax lawyer. I worked at Young & Rubicam national advertising agency launching consumer campaigns, I learned packaging design at an award winning studio and I worked on the repositioning and promotion of Vanity Fair magazine in the 80’s and 90’s. Now I have my own (storytelling) company.

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Loblolly Productions
Lotte Bowie

About Lotte

I am a trained package designer with an expertise in branding design extending through photography, website, display and other tools that support the brand story. My early career years were at Young & Rubicam advertising agency and then I was selected to help launch Vanity Fair magazine. I am a nationally ranked competitive Vet Women’s epee fencer and Master’s Swimmer.


Web Design and Development: Cristian Gogoneata, freelancer and exclusive author for Envato. Company website OkThemes

Photography & Video Production: Walter Bowie, creating artistic promotional and documentary work…. Highs and Wides Portfolio

Packaging Production: Niagara Label, extraordinary customer service; they care and go beyond the call of duty whether it be correcting an issue or adding an additional creative expression to your packaging design

| Studio Phone 12 pm - 2 pm 410.348.2120